Notes and photos from the #ReCodeGood investigation, part of Philanthropy, Policy and Technology Project at Stanford PACS

In Brazil, Community Lawmaking Process an End, Not Simply a Means



Brazil’s Marco Civil da Internet may demonstrate why good process could trump final outcomes in public decision-making.

For anybody who cares about a healthy Internet or a healthy democracy, Brazil is offering some really important, live examples.

Immediately post-World Cup, that may not…

Inventing Digital Civil Society

Event in DC hosted at Case Foundation:

Inventing Digital Civil Society
Lucy Bernholz and Kim Meredith, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and
Civil Society
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT)
Washington, DC

Every time you text a donation, use open source maps to help inform
disaster response, or donate blood samples for medical research you
are helping to invent digital civil society. Civic technologists,
nonprofits, foundations, open data and open government advocates,
mobile phone-toring activists - we’re all a part of it. The Digital
Civil Society Lab at Stanford will introduce our inaugural research
about these activities - and seeks your input on our research agenda,
open experiments, and policy thinking.

The Case Foundation is generously hosting Lucy Bernholz and Kim
Meredith from Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society -
home to the Digital Civil Society Lab - for two repeat sessions on
October 29th. One will take place from 10am - 12 Noon. The second will
run from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Please RSVP for only one session. Space is
limited for each session.

Our research papers are available here.

The lab:

The Digital Civil Society Lab is a research project of the Stanford
Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Stanford PACS is a research
center for students, scholars and practitioners to explore and share
ideas that create social change. Its primary participants are Stanford
faculty, visiting scholars, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and
undergraduate students, and nonprofit and foundation practitioners.

The Evolution of Open Data or the Open Data Happy Dance

Thanks to @Braz of @Guidestar for filming

Inspiration for the #OpenData Happy Dance from @FLOTUS and @JimmyFallon

Inspiration for the #OpenData Happy Dance from @FLOTUS and @JimmyFallon

Brian Walsh announces MarketsForGood Initiative, the experts who made it happen, the whole group, the judges (minus Aditya Agarwal and Lucy)

Arkk Wins!

Experts List and Presentation Groups

Work in Progress

Work in Progress -

Tshirts and mottos!